LECTOR 2007 contains several functions to edit texts and results:

  • integrated text editor,
  • saving index and text result windows,
  • printing text results,
  • cut, copy and paste text portions to and from the clipboard.


New: Open new edit window.
Save Text: Save the current text in the result (reight) window.
Save Text As...: Save the current text in the result (right) window with another file name.
Save Index As: Save the content of the index (left) window
Braille / BRF export: Export the text into BRF (Braille Ready Format) for saving or printing.
Print: Print the text in the right window.


Cut: Cut the selected text section. The text remains in the clipboard.
Copy: Copy the selected text section to the clipboard.
Paste: Paste the selected text section from the clipboard.
Reload text: Reload text from file.
Font: Change the font properties (style, color, size, font name)
Simplified input: The simplified input works for Latin, Greek and Hebrew. For Greek Beta Code can be used. Optionally voice output can be switched on.
Language tools: The language tools imply translation and word frequency tools (see "Language tools").
Switch to text: Switches to the text or results (right side)
Switch to index: Switches to the index (left side)
New position: By this menu you are able to go to a new position within the text.


Cascade: Cascade the result windows.
Tile: Display all windows.
Arrange Icons: Arrange the window icons (of minimized windows).
Minimize All: Minimize all windows.
Window list The open result windows are listed at the bottom of this menu.