Before you start a word search you have to put in - besides the words you search for - some parameters. You may want to use wildcards for your search or you may search only those passages where a certain word occurrs more than once (e.g. et ... et ... et), or you may search for passages where a certain word doesn't appear (e.g. sal, piper but NOT ligusticum).



Word input Put in the words (Greek: without accents)
Wildcards You may use the following wildcards: * for uncertain word beginning or ending, ? for uncertain characters.
Occurrences Please put in the no. of occurrences for each word (default = 1). If you want to search for more than one occurrence of a word within a specific context, please put in the no. of occurrences here.
Yes/No Yes if the word shall be found within the given context, No if the word shall NOT be found within the context (default = Yes).
Type of context You can use a certain number of words, a number of lines, a number of sentences or a number of characters as context for word searching (default = 5 words)
Orthography The orthography level is available only for Latin. The higher level contains all lower levels.
Level 0: <no substitution>
Level 1: j=i, k=c, v=u
Level 2: bp=pp, db=bb, dc=cc, df=ff, dg=gg, dl=ll, dm=mm, dn=nn, dp=pp, dq=cq, dr=rr, ds=ss, dt=tt, nb=mb, nm=mm, np=mp
Level 3: ph=f, ae=e, oe=e
To use the orthography levels the simplified orthography has to be used for input (e.g. "leuis" for "levis", "approbare" for "adprobare", "filosofia" for "philosophia" etc.).
Language You can choose between Latin and Greek. Default is the default language of the CD edition you are working with (PHI or TLG).
Search type You can use the boolean operators AND or OR to search words. If AND is activated, all words in the word list have to occur within the given context, if OR is activated one word of the words in the word list has to be present within the context (default = AND).
no. of words (lines / sentences / characters) This is the context length. As described above the context can consist of a certain number of words, lines, sentences or characters.
Case sensitive This option is available for Latin only. If you want to perform a case sensitive search, you may check this option (default = not case sensitive).