• The text comparison is determined by a few parameters.
  • The input of specific key words is not necessary.
  • A text comparison is based on the concordances of the authors you want to compare. The sort parameters of the two concordances need to be the same - we recommend to use "Direction"="asc." (ascendent) and "Sort from"="begin" (word beginning).


To perform a text comparison you don't have to put in specific words or lemmata. You only have to decide how many words in a certain context have to be similar to words within a certain context of the second text.

The text comparison is based on concordances. You have to create them before you can start a text comparison. It is not relevant if the concordances have been created for one or more authors.

With LECTOR 2007 you can compare an author with himself in order to find repetitions of similar expressions.


Context length (words): Length of the context (number of words). Default is 5. This number must be equal to or larger than the number of similar words within the context.
No. of words in context: Number of words which have to be similar within the context. Default is 4.
Min. word length (chars): Minimum length of the portion of the word (beginning or end) to compare. Default is 4.

Example: if the word is "propterea" only the first 4 characters will have to match with a word of the second text. Therefore a congruence will be detected between propterea and prope, propter, propellere, ...