You have to choose the author(s) you want to work with from the author list menu.

  • On the left side of the author menu you will see the complete author list of the CD edition you are currently using.
  • On the right side you will see the authors you selected in the order you selected them.



File: Save author list as... You can save the whole author list in a file.
Save selected authors as... Save the selected authors from the list on the right in a file.
Load selection from file Load a previously saved author selection.
Print author list Print the author list
Print selected authors Print the list of selected authors.
Open text file Open a text file directly from disk.
Exit Exit from the author list.
Edit: Copy author list Copy the entire author list.
Copy selected authors Copy the list of selected authors on the right.
Select all authors Select all authors
Cancel selection Delete the list of selected author s
Standard language Change the standard language (Latin / Greek)
Find: Find... Find an author by name, part of name or file number.
Find next F3 Search again.
?: Help F1 Help function.
Click on author: select / deselect the author by clicking on the author's name. For text reading only 1 author can be selected, for word searching or concordances one or more authors can be selected.
OK: accept the right list.
Cancel: leave author menu without action.
select all: select all available authors.
deselect all: delete the selection list on the right side.
find: find an author by name, part of name or file number.
find next: search again.