Each client who orders FLORA_PRUSSICA is bound by agreement to the following conditions:

1. FLORA_PRUSSICA must NOT be copied and given to third parties. The author retain all copyright to FLORA_PRUSSICA. You are only granted to make a backup copy for your own use and to load the program(s) into your computer's memory.

2. The author guarantees for a duration of 90 days after purchase that FLORA_PRUSSICA works essentially as described in the manual. The purchase of FLORA_PRUSSICA includes an update service (free of charge) for the duration of 3 months after purchasing (school/institute license: 9 months, site license: 15 months). Within this period any available update of FLORA_PRUSSICA will be delivered free of charge.

3. You agree not to hold the author of FLORA_PRUSSICA liable for any damages to your computer system resulting from the use of or inability to use this software. The author specifically disclaim all warranties, expressed or limited, including but not limited to implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose. In no event shall the author be liable for any loss of profit or data or any other commercial damage, including but not limited to special, incidental, consequential or other damages.

4. Despite having made every effort to prevent/correct mistakes during the development and test of this software product, the author disclaim all warranties of rightness and completeness of search results, concordances and locations. If you should discover any error or incorrectness, please contact us, so that we can remedy the problem as soon as possible.

5. It is prohibited to modify FLORA_PRUSSICA in any way; this includes decompiling and disassembling the program.

6. The user of FLORA_PRUSSICA has to ensure that the copyright to the used texts is not infringed. Should individual functions of the program(s) not be permissible because of the editorial rights to the texts, the user must not use this function. The author does not take responsability for this!

7. Should individual parts of this license agreement become (totally or partially) legally ineffective, the remaining conditions stay valid.

8. License types:

- PRIVATE LICENSE: The purchase of FLORA_PRUSSICA for private use only (private license) authorizes you to install and work with FLORA_PRUSSICA on one computer only. The program(s) may not be passed on or be available for access by a third party.

- SCHOOL LICENSE: purchase of FLORA_PRUSSICA for didactical use only (school license) authorizes you to install and work with FLORA_PRUSSICA on up to five Computer at the same time. The license is strongly limited to didactical use. It is not allowed to publish the research results. The FLORA_PRUSSICA school license cannot be purchased by University institutes.

- INSTITUTE LICENSE: The purchase of FLORA_PRUSSICA for non-private use (institute license) authorizes you to install and work with FLORA_PRUSSICA on up to five Computer at the same time. The program(s) may be used by every employee of the institute, assuming these computers are the institute's property.

- SITE LICENSE: The purchase of a site license of FLORA_PRUSSICA authorizes you to install and work with FLORA_PRUSSICA on as many workstations as you want in the same University and to make it available on an University wide network.

FLORA_PRUSSICA Copyright (C) 2007 Robert Maier, All rights reserved. Robert Maier, Katharina Geisler-Strasse 16, D-85356 Freising, Germany, tel.: +49-8161-872007, e-mail: info@maierphil.de