Lexica and Reference Books

New Comparative Grammar of Greek and Latin by Andrew L. Sihler
ISBN: 0195083458
Latin for All Occasions: Lingua Latina Occasionibus Omnibus by Henry Beard
ISBN: 0394586603
Essential Latin: The Language and Life of Ancient Rome by George D. A. Sharpley
ISBN: 0415213207
The Phenomenon of Language: Tabula Latina by David Florian
ISBN: 0801303958
A Latin Grammar by James Morwood
ISBN: 0198602774
Latin Palaeography: Antiquity and the Middle Ages by Bernhard Bischoff
ISBN: 0521367263
The Latin Sexual Vocabulary by James N. Adams
ISBN: 0801841062
Our Latin Heritage: Book 1 by Lillian M. Hines
ISBN: 0153894652
Oxford Latin Dictionary by P. G. Glare (Editor)
ISBN: 0198642245
Collins Gem Latin Dictionary: Latin-English English-Latin by D. A. Kidd
ISBN: 000470763X
Vox Latina: A Guide to the Pronunciation of Classical Latin by William Sidney Allen
ISBN: 0521379369
Langenscheidt's Pocket Latin Dictionary : Latin-English/English-Latin
ISBN: 0887291074
The Oxford Classical Dictionary: The Ultimate Reference Work on the Classical World by Simon Hornblower (Editor), Antony Spawforth (Editor)
ISBN: 0195216938
A Greek-English Lexicon by Henry George Liddell, Robert Scott (Compiler)
ISBN: 0198642261
Chronicle of the Roman Emperors: The Reign-By-Reign Record of the Rulers of Imperial Rome by Chris Scarre
ISBN: 0500050775
Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World (with Map-by-Map Directory on CD-ROM) by Richard J. A. Talbert (Editor), Roger S. Bagnall
ISBN: 069103169X